International Literature Festival polip, is organized every year in Prishtina. It is founded and run by Qendra Multimedia, a cultural production company based in Prishtina. Last editions of the polip have been jointly organized with Beton, a cultural organization based in Belgrade.
polip is an international literature festival bringing together in Prishtina young writers from the region as well as from Europe. polip goes far beyond the frame of a literature festival and of a mere literary connection. It is about a wider understanding of the peace building and trust concepts in a particularly traumatized region and societies that agreed to live separately and heal their own traumas without an attempt to elaborate the traumatic past and without empathy for the Other. In this case, the field of literature should be understood as a basic zone of mutual communication which will enable the process of conflict transformation in the region. Within its very concept, the polip festival contains elements of action towards conflict transformation and trust building. Authors gather in this festival with mutual consent that it is not only a literary event but also a responsible participation in the project that is being realized despite the radical tightness of communities from which authors come – Serbia/Kosovo. The presence of other authors from the region contextualizes the whole process and frames it in a wider social context.
polip presents young voices in different languages, revealing their specific melody, musicality and rhythm. polip organizes not only readings, but also a special program of concerts, street poetry, workshops on translation and poetry-writing, discussions and debates about literary networks and translation practice.