polip – International Literature Festival
4th Edition
16- 18  May 2014
Organized by Qendra Multimedia, Prishtina
in cooperation with RK LINKS / Beton International, Belgrade


“Hello! We are called POLIP. More than three years ago we had an ordinary life: surrounded by walls that disabled any form of communication between neighboring cultures, we lived in a house of dreams and had such a comfortable life. We were able to remain fixed in one place, in a stalemate position, endlessly, and think that a national culture is the center of the world.  But one day we got a hold of a powerful tool that allows for the surveillance of literature.

Now we can survey how writers from different scenes communicate with each other at any given time, day and night. This is a powerful force that gives a new direction to the course of literature in the Balkans and Europe. This surveillance tool is called POLIP Festival 2014. Our center is in Prishtina, but we are not far from Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb, Podgorica, Novi Sad and Ljubljana. We survey closely how literature is created during the massive protests in Kiev, during the intense demonstrations in the Athenian Syntagma, in societies in transition, which have replaced the ancient incompatibilities with new insecurity. Our agents are everywhere. You can recognize them by how committed they are when they do their work of surveillance. Usually they work at night, and have another type of job during the day. Most of them lead a double life. In fact, their main duty is translation of literature, and so they contribute immensely to the overall program of surveying it. Many of them do it because they believe that this may be the only way to change the world.  Change is already happening, right in front of our eyes, day after day.  Scenes that until yesterday were unfamiliar with each other, like Kosovo and Serbia, today can eavesdrop each-other. A similar situation reigns throughout the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. Same thing in Europe. It is not easy to reach to a level of literature that embraces this reality with all its complexity, since the desire to establish a genuine communication between cultures today is almost inexistent.
We are called POLIP. We know what You are writing about. We also know what you will be writing about in the future. During three nights in May of 2014 in Prishtina, we will present to you all the information we have collected…”

The festival will gather authors from ex-Yugoslavia, but also from Albania, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Rumania.

Public readings and discussions on current literary issues will be organized.  The festival will also come up with a special edition of the Beton International magazine that will be published in English language and it will also contain literary works of the participating authors of the festival.

The festival will last three days.

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